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Alejandro Franco Art Sculptures Environmental Artist Colombian best  up cycling  , Miami st Louis  Alejandro Franco , Alejandro Franco, Art , great installation recycle 
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seres transitorios

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In Seres Transitorios (Transient Beings), Colombian artists Kelly Jimenez and Alejandro Franco illustrate their never-ending environmentalism and their reflection on the toxic habits of humanity.

The lives of Jimenez and Franco mirror those of the migrant birds they have exalted to larger than life. As Colombian immigrants, they lived in Florida for many years only to continue to migrate to the Midwest looking for a different set of resources like birds traveling across the world with an equivalent search. 

It is in resources that their work most strongly speaks to the viewer. Each piece is constructed from cardboard and single-use plastics to spotlight the anthropogenic effects on the earth and it’s wildlife. Like birds gathering what they find around them, Jimenez and Franco use what is most abundantly available in our modern world. 

Constructed of these detrimental, man-made materials, Amur Falcon, is an anatomical illustration mounted on a light box with hinged flaps that allows the viewer to see large-scale the different layers of the body while reflecting on the threat these materials pose to the environment.

Lastly, Political World Map is a Mercator projection map of the world. This type of map is used for navigation showing any course of constant bearing as a straight segment. It is generally used in formal education as a representation of the world. Unfortunately, it drastically distorts the size and shape of objects approaching the poles, so it show the countries of black and brown culture much smaller than they actually are. The abstraction of standardized education is another toxic habit of humanity that Jimenez and Franco reflected on in the creation of this piece.

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