Art Statement

Every time I find poetic potential in a discarded object, it becomes my purpose. Living in the industrialized world, surrounded by an excessive amount of objects together with the media, I find fulfillment in the creation of characters built from various objects that were previously resting without purpose. Looking out for similarities between objects is one of my greatest passions, striving to interpret thoughts. I feel the need to intervene within these forgotten elements, to work with their poetic potential to create convergence  that engage people with a message. A never ending search for beauty, making use of the detritus of everyday life.



Born: October 3rd of 1982 Medellin (Colombia)

Lives and Works: St Louis  (US)




Individual Exhibitions:


2015 "Entering the dArk" - Butter Gallery, Miami, FL 

2015 "Physiognomic Synchronies" - Helium Creative, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2014 "Urban Resemblance" - Terrain Exhibitions, Chicago, IL 

2013 ''Urban Resemblance'' - Gesamtkunstwerk Projektraum, Miami, FL

2013 ''Highlights of a Decade'' - Helium Creative, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Group Exhibitions:

2019 Exhibition #23 - G-CADD, Granite City, IL (ongoing)

2018 "20 artist/20 hours" - Locust Projects, Miami, FL 

2017 "Painless Parking" - Pelican Palace, Miami, FL

2016 "Re-Produce" - BaCa, Pompano Beach, FL 

2014 "Artisan Series" Regional Finals -  Brisky Gallery. Miami, FL

2013 ''PISO11'' - The Charlee, Medellin, Colombia

2013 ''Reimagine'' Revel on the Block - The Projects Fort Lauderdale, FL

2013 ''Three Graces''  - Espitia Gallery, Miami, FL

2012 ''Longing; a Selection of Premortem Regrets'' - Gesamtkunstwerk Projektraum. Miami

2011 “Amalgamate Intentions" - MosaHouse, Miami, FL

2011 “Annual Student Exhibition” - MDC Wolfson Campus

2011 “League of Innovation Miami show” - MDC North Campus, Miami, FL

2010 “20x20” - Area 23 Gallery, Miami, FL


2016 "Best in Show" Re-Produce Exhibit at Baca 

2011 “Best in Show” MDC Annual Student Show 

2011 “Honorable Mention” MDC Annual Student Show 


2018 La Sierra Art Residency, Santa Marta, Colombia

2018 Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC 



2015 - 17 "Smash and Grab" Locust Projects, Miami, FL

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