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Alejandro Franco Art Sculptures Environmental Artist Colombian best  up cycling  , Miami st Louis  Alejandro Franco , Alejandro Franco, Art , great installation recycle 

in collaboration with Daniel Caran and Kelly Jimenez.

The line between the digital and physical world seems to become thinner and more intangible over time; this theatrical performance is based there. Constantly fluctuating back and forth from ordinary scenes to oneiric situations, Inside-Outside, questions concepts of meaning, perception, and how the escape from oblivion finds its purest essence in the poetry found even in the smallest details.

Below you will find clips from the performance.

This project was commissioned by Locust Projects for their exhibition 20/20: twenty hours, twenty artist, in commemoration of their twentieth anniversary of fostering creativity and presenting great shows in Miami.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 2.01.00 AM.png

Special thanks to: Patrick Florian, Pebble Yaffe, Marvin Hernandez and Carlos Arturo Ramirez. 

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