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Alejandro Franco Art Sculptures Environmental Artist Colombian best  up cycling  , Miami st Louis  Alejandro Franco , Alejandro Franco, Art , great installation recycle 
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Live Streaming 

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Live Streaming is a heartfelt diorama made with transformed, recognizable objects that freeze-frame a single moment of North Carolina's natural landscape.

Building upon Elsewhere's own ecosystem of objects that constantly migrate and transform, this sculptural installation was fabricated by placing the objects almost as by natural law of gravity, without much alteration. By creating dynamic animals, exterior life aspects, and emblems of freedom with forgotten materials from the museum collection, Franco assigns significant value to discarded, busted objects.


The shattered pieces not only bring attention to human self-indulgence, but also to their unnoticed potential and the way they have been treated and carefully re-placed. Live Streaming prompts audiences to imagine an outcome with provided variables, even in the most bleak situations.

Live Streaming was produce during a residency

at Elsewhere Museum and is currently on view.

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