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Throwaway World 

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It is truly fascinating to throw a grape in the air and fit it in the mouth, especially if we take into account that we are standing on a large sphere loaded with water, that travels by centrifugal force at a speed of 28,900 km/s. All the different components and conditions that make possible the existence of life in all its different variations that we enjoy, play a fundamental role in the development of our ecosystem, we are dazzled by the synchronicity that makes possible the great wonders that exist in this world.


Throwaway world is an exhibition with a deep environmental spirit - it is impossible to do something with single-use plastic that does not evoque unconsciousness. We decided to portray the beauty of our planet in its physical aspect using this purely artificial material that disrupts the marvelous synchronicity of our planet. The presence of logos and graphics in our windows prove to be a hidden clue about the impact of large corporations and their implications on pollution. We hope to encourage people at an individual level, to reduce their use of single-use plastic in their daily lives. 

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Throwaway World/   Postcards

These are a series of photographs of our piece “Throwaway World”, taken around Granite City by midwestern photographers. we had the fortune to have met them at the photo walk during the “American Colors” show that happen alongside our exhibition at G-CADD. We are happy with the opportunity of getting our piece documented by this wonderful visions that capture in different ways, the essence of this area that we now call home.

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