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Withering Away 

stained glass windows made out of single-use plastic.

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We are making use of the translucency and variety of colors of this material to present the audience with meticulously crafted pieces that turn a material so transient and detrimental into something of great beauty, worth preserving. By spending all this time and effort to recover an undervalue material by a matter of labour, we hope to make an allegory of the efforts we need to make to preserve a healthy ecosystem, one where we can feel hopeful and proud, an essential desire so often taken for granted.

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This project is possible thanks to the generosity of our friends who made our  Kickstarter campaign a success: click on this text to see it.

Special thanks to all of our contributors:

Andres Martinez - Senga Nengudi - Angela Franco & John Douhgherty - Stephany Jimenez - Guzman Baeza - Jeffrey Noble - Shirley Henderson - Kyle Bowman - Daniel Varon - Manuel Tovar - Shawn Cruze - Savanna Mayhook - Kerri Kneer - Gustavo Granados & Johana Salazar - John Lynch - John Alexander - Luisa Urdaneta - Elizabeth Giraldo - Richard Kaufman - Diana Villamarin - Deborah Dougherty - Marcela Loayza - Christian Franco - Amy Larue - Jorge Rendon - Paula Dayanna - Melba Rodriguez - Ana Isabel Martinez - Beatriz Becerra - Juliana Garcia - Hunter Parmentier - Jes Melero - Kimberly Lyle - Melissa Howard - Patto Bustamante - Patricia Miranda - Alexandra Neira -Laura Guerra - Pascalle Bee - Lina Solorzano - Luis Carvajal - Manolo Escobar - Scott Shrage - Deborah Sewter - Milena Marinova - Emma Landlot - Liseth Acevedo - Pietro Signorelli - Martha Nair Castellanos - Nathalie Alfonso - Herly Tejada - Noelia Gallego - Beto Ortiz - James Backer

- Elizabeth Mojica - The Creative Fund








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